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Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) established under Act of Parliament 1976, being the statutory body for regulating engineering profession and quality of engineering education, is functioning as a key driving force for achieving rapid and sustainable growth in all national, economic and social fields. The Council has played a progressive role by making landmark achievements in all directions of engineering at national and international levels, besides extending expert support to the Government as a Think Tank in all sectors.
Engineers of the country have been playing enormous role in the development and progression of our homeland, especially mega projects of strategic importance making use of indigenous resources. There is need to acknowledge their contribution/ services towards socio-economic development for which PEC has announced “PEC Excellence Awards” to decorate those outstanding engineers encompassing industry, academia, R&D, policy formulation and allied aspects. This would promote and encourage engineering community for their continued role in national development on the lines of other Civil Awards.

Objective of PEC Excellence Awards

To recognize the outstanding services and worthy achievements of eminent Pakistani Engineers who have made notable impact in national interest and contributed significantly to the country’s social and economic development.

Categories and Format of PEC Excellence Award

The PEC Excellence Award would be conferred in following eight (08) different categories to cover all aspects of recognition towards contribution and services of notable engineers, whether local or expatriate:

Sr.No. Category
i. Lifetime Achievement for Distinguished National Service
ii. Academia and Research
iii. Innovative and Emerging Technology Development
iv. Young Technopreneurs
v. International Associates
vi. Engineering Policy, Regulations and Advocacy
vii. Engineering Consultancy Services
viii. Infrastructure/ Construction Industry

The format of the award will be a “Gold Medal with a Certificate”. Moreover, travelling and boarding/ lodging expenses of the selected nominees of PEC Excellence Award will be borne by PEC. The number of awards may vary in each category based on the decision of the Committee/ Competent Authority.

Eligibility Criteria for Nominations

After detailed deliberation following eligibility criteria for nomination has been finalized and the same will be publicized through print (nationwide newspapers) and electronic media:

    i. Nominee must be an Engineer with valid registration with PEC OR international/ equivalent professional engineering body in case of Category (v)..

    ii. Nominee must have at least 15 years of experience in engineering profession (academia, industry, R&D, Construction Industry, etc.), except category

    iii. For Category (iv) the experience should be up to 15 years.

    iv. For Categories (i) to (iv), (vi) to (viii) Nominee shall be Pakistani national and have significant contribution(s) in Pakistan.

    v. For Category (v) the nominee may be expatriate and foreign nationals who contributed towards national interests of Pakistan

How to Nominate

    i. Nominations shall be made through respective institution/ HEI/ professional body/ industry/ technical organization (legal entity) or by 02 eminent engineers fulfilling the same criteria.

    ii. The Nominating body can submit nominations for different categories.

    iii. A nominee may be nominated for more than one category.

    iv. Self-nomination will not be entertained.

    v. Nomination Form to be filled online duly completed including supporting documents on or before the closing date.(29th February, 2024)

    vi. Incomplete/ unendorsed applications will not be accepted.

Deadline for submission of nominations is Thursday, (29th February, 2024).

Evaluation Mechanism

For this purpose, a high-level Committee has been constituted to oversee the entire process for the award, from policy formulation to evaluation of nominations. The evaluation for the Award is based on academic distinction & research, achievement or outstanding performance in Engineering, Science & Technology, inventions of national importance and distinguished/ outstanding services rendered towards economic development beyond the call of normal duty in the larger national interest.
The evaluation criteria for the assessment of the nominations have been based on well-defined parameters and scoring in-line with similar national and international awards like Civil Awards and others besides impact of the contributors in terms of social and economic indicators.

Frequency & Schedule of Award

The award will be conferred every year upon the outperforming engineers in the country as well as expatriates who have contributed to the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

The scrutiny & evaluation of nominees will be carried out by PEC Excellence Award Committee as per the approved criteria and reserves the right to reject any nomination